Email Plus Social Media Marketing Email + Social Media Marketing = Big Impact

Putting it All Together

Social media is new, exciting, and even fun. It’s also a highly effective way to market your business. Plain and simple: social media has a big impact on the way businesses connect and communicate with customers and prospects.   

Social media is just one of the many tools at your disposal and it makes a great complement (not replacement) to other marketing tactics that work for you. Especially email marketing.

In fact, you can’t really talk about social media marketing without highlighting the importance of email marketing. The two have got some stuff in common, and work best when used together. 

What Works?

Small Businesses Love Email Marketing

Email marketing remains one of the most effective and commonly used marketing tools for small businesses. In a May 2011 survey for small businesses, more than 73% of  respondents claimed to use email marketing, with the majority reporting it to be a highly effective tactic for customer acquisition.

Let’s take a look at why email is such an effective marketing tool.

Email is Your Communication Hub

Permission to Email is "Marketing Gold"

When a customer or prospect willingly gives you their email address, they're basically saying "I like you, what you have to offer and I want to learn more. I not only expect, but look forward to hearing from you soon." So getting someone's explicit permission to communicate is marketing gold.

Social media marketing also requires permission. When a customer "Likes" a brand on Facebook or a donor "Follows" an organization on Twitter, they're giving permission to communicate.

Be Where Your Customers Are

Email & Social Media Marketing Go Hand-In-Hand

Your main goal is to get your message heard and acted-upon. So which is more valuable: A “Like” on Facebook or an Email Opt-in?

They're both valuable!

It’s best when you can get someone to opt-in to email and connect through one or more social channels. That’s because email is still the best way to get your message heard and social media is the best way to get your message spread.

Most email service providers make it possible to connect your email marketing and social media marketing. As an example, we’ll show you how it works in Constant Contact.