QR Codes QR Code Best Practices

1. Explain Why Someone Should Scan Your Code

The good news is that you can use your signage or ad to tell them how and why they should scan your code.

The bad news is that many of your customers and prospects may have never been exposed to a QR Code before.

It’s no surprise that your customers need to see the clear value in taking the time to scan it, so tell them exactly what to expect in return. Since you’re offering them something great, they’ll be psyched.

2. Link to Awesome Content

You’ll want to link to something that will provide immediate value to customers, that they can‘t easily access elsewhere.

Maybe it’s a special video, landing page, offer, or coupon specific to the code. Whatever it is, make it interesting, timely, and valuable.

Check out our example to see how it works for yourself! You're here in Social Media Quickstarter, and we think it would be cool if you checked out our Social 101 video. Scan the QR code now to see the video.

Don't know how to scan yet? See our section on Setting Up a QR Code.

3. Make Sure Your Content is Mobile Friendly

Since the entire experience of scanning a QR code and visiting a website is done with a person's mobile device, you’ll want to make sure the content is mobile friendly. By “mobile friendly”, we just mean that the content will look good and be easy to access on a phone.

The best way to make sure the content works is to test it on your own phone. If you can test it on a friend’s phone, even better! Bonus points if they have a different type of phone than you so you can make sure the code works across platforms.

4. Tell People What a QR Code Is

While QR codes are becoming more and more well known (thanks in large part to their use by well known brands like Starbucks and The Home Depot), many of your customers will be new to the technology. Don’t be afraid to include instructions, and even a brief explanation, right on your signage.