Twitter Tracking Progress

Is This Working?

How will you know if you’re successful on Twitter? We’ll show you the metrics that matter and measurement tools so you can make sure the time you spend on Twitter is good for your business.

Metrics that Matter

Followers:  Think of followers like your audience.  The larger your audience, the greater your potential influence.  Keep in mind that it’s sometimes better to have 100 followers who are actively listening and engaging than 10,000 inactive followers.

@ Replies:  One way to gauge whether your followers are listening, is to measure the number of @ replies, also called mentions.  @ replies are public responses directed towards your brand. 

RTs: RT, or retweet, is when someone quotes or repeats one of your tweets. If your followers are engaging and connecting with your message, they will retweet (or repeat) that message to their followers, spreading your reach and influence. 

Tools of the Trade

There’s a ton of tools and applications available online to help you track and monitor your Twitter Engagement—like NutshellMail, Klout, and Twitalyzer .