Twitter Twitter for Brand Awareness

Why Use Twitter for Brand Awareness?

Twitter is a great FREE way to build brand awareness. Studies show that it takes at least 5-7 mentions of a brand before people remember it. Twitter will help to up your brand's mentions and get your brand into the mind of customers.

Step 1

Know Your Brand. Before you can introduce your brand to others, you’ve got to know it inside and out! How well do you know your brand? Consider the following questions:

What’s your company's message? 

What’s your vision?

What are your core values?

Why do you do what you do?

Start with Why.

For an in-depth look at the power of defining the core values for your business, watch Simon Sinek’s TEDTalk “How Great Leaders Inspire Action."

Step 2

Step 3

Become An Expert. Twitter is a great platform for demonstrating your expertise in a specific niche. This will make you the go-to resource for customers, while attracting potential customers.

For example, Wine Enthusiast Gary Vaynerchuck built an online empire by first starting a daily video podcast, and then using tools like Twitter and Facebook to engage with his audience and share his passion. 

Step 4

Have A Plan. Really harnessing the power of Twitter to build brand awareness requires strategy and consistency.  Good tweeting comes from a balance of planning and flexibility—you need to have an idea of what you want to say, and how you want to say it in advance, but you also need to be on the look-out for comments, stories, and conversations that are relevant to your brand.

And as you already know, make sure your other marketing efforts are driving people to Twitter so they can take advantage of all the great stuff you’re doing!