Twitter Twitter for Market Research

Why Is Market Research Important?

Ever wonder what your competitors are saying to customers? Or how much customers are talking to them? Twitter lets you in on what your competitors are up to.

Armed with this intel, you can develop a campaign that shows customers what makes you stand out from the rest!

Step 1

Monitor Your Brand. Save time and money by using Twitter to find out what people are saying about your brand - and use that feedback to improve your products and services.

Monitoring is really easy:

  • Go to

  • Click on search

  • Enter your brand’s name

  • Click on the gear icon next to "Results for (your company name)"

  • Choose Save search

If you have NutshellMail, it will automatically display your saved searches in your updates.

Don’t forget to search for different variations of your brand, since people will mention you in different ways.

Step 2

Monitor Your Competition. Knowing what's happening in your industry can be a huge advantage. You can use Twitter search and tracking tools like NutshellMail to keep tabs on your competition.

Just like you would search for yourself, save searches for your competitors’ mentions. Even consider following them to see what they’re saying.