Twitter Twitter for Customer Service

Great Customer Service, Gone Digital

A lot of what you already know about great customer service will work for Twitter. Here are our tips for success. We’ll even give you a 3-step plan!

  • Communicate:  It’s no surprise that customers like useful, consistent communication.  Use Twitter to have conversations with your customers, and make sure you’re responsive.

  • Provide What You Promise:  Integrity goes a long way … so if you want to be known for great customer service, you’ve got to deliver what you promise. 

  • Resolve Customer Complaints:  Mistakes happen—what matters is how we address them. Twitter lets you constantly monitor and address customer complaints in real time.

  • Know Your Customers:  People like doing business with people or brands they know and like. So don’t be afraid to interact with customers on Twitter in a way that’s friendly, not just professional.

  • Know Your Product:  Get instant feedback on your product and services via Twitter,  and even other Social Networking Sites.

  • Commit to Quality:  Show that quality is your #1 priority, and your customers will be confident recommending you to others.

  • Honor The Customer:  Make customers feel important and appreciated. Twitter can help you to highlight customer experiences and publicly thank customers for their loyalty. 

Step 1

Track The Conversation.  There are lots of tools for tracking Twitter conversations around your brand including Hootsuite, and Constant Contact’s NutshellMail. 

We recommend Hootsuite for advanced users who want to track their brand in real time and we recommend NutshellMail for users who want to keep tabs on their brand once or twice a day.  

Step 2

Engage with Customers. Retweet times when they mention your brand positively. Ask them questions that relate to your business, industry, or something fun and topical. Thank and reward loyal customers. There are lots of ways to go, just make it meaningful, positive, and authentic.

Step 3

Respond to Complaints and Requests Quickly. The great thing about Twitter’s real time nature is that you can respond quickly to customer complaints and requests.  No on-hold wait times, no long lines. Plus, when you publicly help one customer, you often help other customers too. 


Too busy to monitor Twitter all the time? That's OK.

NutshellMail lets you engage with customers on your own schedule, while never missing a tweet about your business.