Twitter Twitter Integration

Why Integrate Twitter?

In this section we'll show you how to integrate Twitter into your website, blog, and Facebook. This can help to increase your Twitter following and brand awareness.

Embedding Twitter Timeline on Your Website

Adding Twitter Buttons to Your Website

You can add a Tweet button, Follow button, Hashtag button, or Twitter Mention button to your website.

  • Tweet button allows people to share your webpage (and a Tweet) on their Twitter timeline.
  • Follow button allows users to follow your account directly from your website. 
  • Hashtag button allows you to choose a hashtag ( # symbol used with a keyword) so people can share it on Twitter and start a conversatoin about your website/brand/post.
  • Mention button includes your handle (@username), so if someone clicks on the button, your username will be included in their Tweet and link back to your Twitter page. 

To learn how to add Twitter buttons to your website, visit this Twitter help page.

Conncecting Twitter to Your Facebook Page

You can connect your Twitter and Facebook accounts so that your Tweets will automatically post to your Facebook Page. 

For step-by-step directions, visit this Twitter help page.