Twitter Increase Your Twitter Following

Why Are Followers Important?

When someone follows you on Twitter, your status updates are sent directly to their stream. Similar to when someone opts to join an email mailing list, this means that they have opted to receive your tweets.

Bottom line? The more people you have following you, the more people who see your content.

Show You're Listening with Retweets

To “retweet” is to repost a tweet from another Twitter user on your own account. Why would you do this? Well, it shows the person that you appreciate their content, and it shares great tweets with your followers.

While a retweet is a great way to share, don’t get carried away. Make sure to mix retweets in with your own original tweets.

Write a Great Twitter Bio

Help People Find You With Badges, Links, and More

Take advantage of your existing networks and add links to your Twitter Profile every place you can—including your blog, website, Facebook profile, LinkedIn profile, business cards, shop windows, and other print collateral.  

The more places you let it be known you're on Twitter, the easier it will be for people to start finding you!

Make 'Em Laugh

Start a Movement

Have a topic or cause you’re passionate about?  You can use Twitter and Hashtags (for example #stopcancer) to get your message out.

You can also use Hashtags to raise awareness about upcoming events and company promotions.

Some examples of popular Hashtags include: #FollowFriday, #BlameDrewsCancer, and #BlogChat.

Bonus: If enough people get excited about your cause, you could become a Trending Topic on the Twitter Home Page.

Snap and Share a Photo

Meet in Real Life