Facebook Getting Started

Why Facebook?

Who is On Facebook?

The numbers don't lie - Facebook is for everyone, of every age.

How Can Facebook Help My Business?

Learn the Lingo

  • Like – a virtual thumbs-up you can give to Facebook content.

  • Status –  answers the question “What’s on your mind?”- a brief update to your ‘friends’.

  • Timeline – a chronoligical collection of your photos, experiences, stories, and activity.

  • Friends – anyone you’re connected to on Facebook.

  • Newsfeed – a stream of content that updates you on the status, "likes", and posts of your friends and brands or causes you follow. 

  • Page – a Timeline for businesses, organizations, and brands to share and interact with people.

  • Cover Photo – a banner photo at the top of your Timeline that shows off the look and feel of your brand.

  • Apps – software designed to enhance the Facebook experience with additional features.

  • Tabs – a section of boxes where your apps live, displayed to the right of your info. 

  • Mobile Upload – content that comes directly from your mobile phone, like a photo.

  • Tagging – identifying a person or brand in a photo or post.