Facebook Before You Choose Your Page Type

When it comes to creating a Page for your organization on Facebook, there are a bunch of options for which type you choose. We'll walk you through some things to consider before you decide on your Page type.

Think of Your Audience First

Choose your Page type based on how your audience views you. Say you're a museum and also a nonprofit. If your audience thinks of you as a museum rather than a nonprofit, choose museum.

This will help you be more easily found on Facebook because you’ve picked the right category from your audience’s point of view.

Which is Best for You?

In most instances you’ll be choosing between “Company, Organization or Institution" or “Local Business or Place."

The Company, Organization or Institution Page is best if people don’t visit your location, or if your events are always someplace different.

Choose Local Business or Place if people physically visit your location—for example a church, concert venue, hospital, theater, museum, or art gallery.

More on Local Business or Place

When you choose the Local Business or Place option, you’ll be able to take advantage of Facebook’s Location feature. The Check-In feature allows Facebook users to update their friends as to their location. This means when someone checks in at your location the information will appear on your Page, their Timeline, and their friends' News Feed which helps get the word out about your business or organization.

To learn more about the world of check-ins, take a look at our chapter on Location-Based Services.